About Hit Search

Hit Search is a digital marketing agency based in Liverpool, offering services including content marketing, social media, paid search, SEO and CRO. Hit Search was founded by Andy Redfern and Andy Donaldson in 2007 and, since then, the company has gone from strength to strength.

The Hit Search team is packed full of dynamic, creative digital experts, just waiting to help your business achieve and even surpass your company’s objectives. Through the most innovative and agile software, they are able to give all their clients access to a real-time reporting dashboard so you fully understand how your company is progressing, at what stage through their plan you are at and the results of your campaigns.

Experience Before Working with Adepto Digital

How did you solve the problem before working with Adepto Digital?

We do have an in-house designer who is familiar with our website backend, however, they are currently away from the business. Doing all the design work ourselves would have been a strain on resources, so we knew we’d need to replace our designer temporarily when it came to the bigger design jobs.

Summarize three points of frustration you faced.

  1. Lack of in-house knowledge surrounding the intricacies of HubSpot design
  2. Finding a designer who had a high-quality score through Upwork
  3. Finding a designer who had experience with the HubSpot system

What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you needed to hire someone to solve the problem?

Our current in-house designer, as I mentioned above, is actually away from the business at the moment, so we needed someone that could seamlessly slot into our HubSpot system; someone who knew their way around and could fill that designer skill gap we were missing.

What were the top reasons you chose Adepto Digital?

We chose Adepto Digital for the first job based on the fact that they had all the HubSpot design qualifications we wanted from our designer. It was a bonus that they had other HubSpot qualifications, such as the Inbound Marketing Certification, as this made us think he would be able to clearly understand our overall aims when drawing users into the site – and we were right!

Experience Working with Adepto Digital

How easy or difficult was it to get started with Adepto Digital?

It was a really straightforward and relatively quick to get started with Adepto Digital. Even though we had stipulated milestones for the project, Adepto Digital has always delivered our project ahead of each milestone.

How has Adepto Digital helped you overcome the challenges you had before?

Adepto Digital has definitely helped bring our design ideas to life. Our site pages look so much more modern and they’re easier to navigate.

How is Adepto Digital different from other companies you’ve worked with?

Adepto Digital is different from other companies because they didn’t need too much communication from us, and as we’re busy, that was a perfect fit for us. We just left them to it and they delivered the results pretty much exactly as we’d asked for it.

What’s the most positive experience you’ve had with Adepto Digital.

We have since worked with Adepto Digital again on another project, and we have plenty more design projects to discuss in the New Year – if they aren’t too busy to fit us in that is! It’s refreshing to work with someone who brings back their own ideas into how a design will best fit with your site which has given us a new perspective on our site design.

Results with Adepto Digital

How has the product/service helped you achieve your business or personal goals?

The new page designs have increase time on site and pages viewed in a session – so it’s looking good!

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend Adepto Digital?

Fast turnaround, value for money, and overall knowledge of web page design in HubSpot.

Helen Jackson

Marketing Executive