DONNAN is a virtual, global agency, offering services that include brand strategy and architecture development, brand remodelling, content strategy development, graphic and web design, demand-gen strategy and execution, and video production. The team consists of seasoned brand marketers that can help you intelligently answer the unspoken question your prospects ask daily: “Why should I care what you do?”  It’s not just about your product. It’s about how your target absorbs and lives your brand.

Experience Before Working with Adepto Digital

How did you solve the problem before working with Adepto Digital?

I often hired print designers or digital novices to attempt to execute interactive. Often, they were fine on the concepting and idea generation phase of things, but digital is an entirely different beast from any other form of communications.

Summarize three points of frustration you faced.

  1. Lack of experience with responsive technologies.
  2. An excellent technical background, but no design sense.
  3. A great design sense, but limited experience with digital.

What was the big a-ha moment when you decided you needed to hire someone to solve the problem?

Responsive websites, microsites, emails, and landing pages are now the norm in Silicon Valley. However, often these materials are executed by agencies at very high costs to clients. I needed to offer the same services, yet make them affordable.

What were the top reasons you chose Adepto Digital?

  1. Reliability > great reviews by other clients on UpWork in this area.
  2. Technical prowess
  3. Great design sense.

Experience Working with Adepto Digital

How easy or difficult was it to get started with Adepto Digital?

Extremely easy.

How has Adepto Digital helped you overcome the challenges you had before?

Adepto Digital get digital. They get responsive design. They get design, period. They just get it.

How is Adepto Digital different from other companies you’ve worked with?

Adepto Digital usually nails their work the very first time, with limited direction.

What’s the most positive experience you’ve had with Adepto Digital?

While working with a financial website that is running a DONNAN client’s digital advertising— specifically an animated banner—their form-factor requirements shifted daily. First, it was Flash. Then the next day, they wanted an animated GIF. Then the next day, responsive HTML5. Adepto Digital executed all requests, typically within 24 hours, and saved both DONNAN and the client from missing important digital insertions.  (Financial sites are typically about 10 years behind the curve in digital design and ad requirements.)

Results with Adepto Digital

How has the product/service helped you achieve your business or personal goals?

I now have a consistent, high-level go-to for digital execution in the following platforms:

  • Hubspot
  • HTML5
  • Animated GIF
  • Flash

Any specific metrics you can share about the impact Adepto Digitals’ services has had?

Client ID Analytics has experienced an average 17% increase in landing page conversions since Adepto Digital redesigned their responsive templates with the team at DONNAN.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend Adepto Digital?

Their responsiveness.

Together, we have worked with clients like:

Kirk Donnan

Content Marketing Strategist